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Specialists Providing Turn-Key solutions to the backflow industry.

 All hot water heater repairs and hot water service required by law to be performed by a licensed master plumber or authorized plumbing contractor will be performed by Dawson Mechanical pursuant to the State Plumbing License Law of 1968 and the regulations promulgated by the State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers.

Solve your steam heating problems once and for all! Eliminate or reduce banging, clanging, spitting with steam heating systems service and steam heating maintenance.

Safe sewer and water line inspection, repair or replacement. Lots of things can block or damage sewer and waterlines. One of the most common is root infiltration. Our cutting edge (no kidding!) video technology eliminates the guesswork and takes us right to the source of the problem minimizing lawn, driveway and landscape damage.

We take the frustration out of stubborn clogs. Whether your it is your janitorial slop sink, grease trap, toilet or floor drain, we’ll clean your clogged drains and keep your water running smoothly.

 Pipe leaks can be elusive annoyances. Sure the ceiling tiles are a mess, and the water is dripping over head, but is the drip precisely where the leak is? We find it, we fix it. Nothing less.  Dawson Mechanical; Repairs and fixes for leaking pipes throughout your premises.

Our cutting edge video technology eliminates the guesswork and takes us right to the source of the problem minimizing lawn, driveway and landscape damage.

High pressure water jet to clean your sewer & septic lines from grease, leaves and more.

Tubing, piping clamps, crimp rings and more dedicated to long lasting efficiency.

Leaks Under Slabs Radiant heating, water service, septic and waste water discharge

The most important measure you can take to prevent serious water damage is to know how to turn off the main water supply. At one time or another, every building will have some sort of plumbing issues, from leaky pipes to clogged drains. Most people deal with these things on an emergency basis, but if you can turn off the water, you can prevent a disaster and possible foundation damage.

If you are planning to rent or buy a space ‘as is’ and make changes to it, there are some important things to consider:

  • Can you ‘build out’ or renovate the existing space?
  • Are there any zoning ordinances that would affect how you can build out the space?
  • Are you required to use the landlord’s contractors?
  • What special approvals or permission do you need to get in advance from the city, county or landlord?
  • Will the landlord offer any rent reduction, rent credits or other financial incentives to contribute to the costs of renovating?
  • Are there any timeframes required?
  • What special permits are needed and will your landlord help you obtain the permits?
Proper installation and adjustment of natural gas piping take into account Btu content, specific gravity of gas, duration factors and altitudes. When sizing Gas piping systems certain factors must be considered.
  • Pipes shall provide sufficient gas to meet the maximum demand of the gas equipment. Piping must be sized to supply enough fuel for all appliances to operate at the same time.
  • Maximum gas demand shall be determined by adding all of the equipment Btu ratings from appliances connected on the system.
  • Gas piping should be sized in accordance with the tables in the Standard Gas Code or by other engineering methods approved by local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

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